Meetings begin at 9:00 AM
on the 3rd Friday of the month*

St Peter's Lutheran Church
6309 S Wilson Place
Clinton WA 98236

*No meetings in July or August!
South Whidbey Garden Club
The purpose of this club shall be:
a) to share and stimulate the knowledge and love of horticulture among club members and the community.
b) to encourage study and appreciation of plants and pollinators, and the preservation of natural environments.
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was fantastic!
The weather cooperated and thanks to the SWHS basketball team, the Lions and all our faithful members set up was a breeze! 

Tons of member plants and plants purchased with contributions by Bonnie Sheeran and Betty Clark, made shopping a pleasure for our customers. The vendors added a festive touch with their booths and Karin Klein's big yellow and white tent full of baked goodies anchored the sale site. Thanks so much to our head honchos, Pat Smith and Ann Graham!!! And to Shabby Chic chair, Tracy Heffelfinger and Baked goods chair, Aurora St Yves.
SERVING THE SOIL - there was no time for Kathy Schwenn to share this Cisco wisdom, but here it is-
“Shoo away pesky yellow Jackets with Bounce scented fabric softener sheets. Hang them or spread them around the table.”
“If you have horsetails or morning glory in your garden, it means you were bad in a past life. The only solution is to move!”